For the past several years, I have performed soap bubble demonstrations for math and science teachers. I do perform for other groups as well. Since I make soap bubble frames for hands on science museums, it seems a natural thing to do. As a stage actor for a few decades, I hope I am entertaining also.

Soap bubbles are just plain fun. But they also have much to teach about math and science. A soap film has tension. That is why the the string forms a round hole because the film is pulling it in all directions. That also means a soap film will find its minimum surface. It will take the most efficient shape that it can. As with many things today, there is already a lot of information on the web, so I won't go into a lot of detail here. But I do have directions for making a tetrahedron on this website. You can make one and dunk it yourself.

My favorite reference books are:
Soap Bubbles, Their Colors and the Forces that mold them by C.V. Boys
The Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles by Cyril Isenberg

My favorite recipe:
For every gallon of water (distilled is best), 6 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, regular Dawn or Joy work well.
Glycerine makes the bubbles last longer. Evaporation is what kills "em. I get a 16 oz. bottle of vegetable glycerine at the health food store for a reasonable cost. One should be enough.


These photos show some of the wonderful things soap film can do. There are additional pictures of bubbles and frames HERE

Surface Tension

Inflating the center
of a Tetrahedron

Man at Work

Inflating the center
of a Hexahedron



The Hyperbolic Paraboloid
Joined to a Tetrahedron

Only when I don't change the litter

Bubble in a Bubble

Hexahedron aka Cube

Who Called Me a Bubblehead?

Everybody Loves Bubbles


Not content with the mere technical aspect of soap bubbles, I created BUBBLE MONEY, where Bubbles, the economics clown explains that, If you can lose your money when the bubble goes burst, just make bubbles money. It is a zany play performed at the Historic Players Playhouse in Detroit with several of my friends a few years ago. Check out the VIDEO on Vimeo.