Fred is also referred to on this website as Temujin Kensu.

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Write the governor, asking him to sign the pardon. Please be polite and respectful. You need not be a Michigan or US resident. Justice is universal.

Governor Rick Snyder

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Email: governorsoffice@michigan.gov



From: PROVING INNOCENCE, March 27, 2018


Contact: B. David Sanders, bdsanders@provinginnocence.org
(586) 365-8395
For Immediate Release

Freeman Files for Executive Clemency

After serving more than three decades in prison, Fredrick Freeman is asking Governor Rick Snyder to grant him a pardon. Freeman was convicted of the 1986 murder of Scott Macklem despite overwhelming evidence demonstrating he had no connection with the killing and was wrongfully convicted. Just recently, the Michigan Innocence Clinic (MIC) of the University of Michigan's Law School together with Dickinson Wright PLLC filed the pardon application on Freeman's behalf.

Dickinson Wright PLLC, one of Michigan's oldest and most respected law firms, has a longstanding tradition of offering its resources and expertise to correct injustice.  It joined as pro-bono counsel in Freeman's pardon application, recognizing the pardon request to be a worthy one.

Around the time of the murder, nine alibi witnesses place Freeman in Upper Michigan's Escanaba area more than 400 miles from the crime scene in Port Huron, Michigan. There was absolutely no evidence at the crime scene-documentary, forensic, or physical-that connected Freeman to the killing. No murder weapon was produced. No gunshot residue was found on his clothing. An ammunition box found at the scene contained a fingerprint not belonging to Freeman. Police conducted a several-hour, warrantless, and illegal search of his house, trailer, and property and found nothing incriminating. Freeman and his primary alibi witness both passed polygraphs administered by respected former Michigan State Police polygraph examiners.

As the MIC/Dickinson Wright application states, "Mr. Freeman's case is a perfect example of a conviction that begs for clemency. Judges in both state and federal court have recognized significant flaws in his trial and the lack of evidence against him."

Besides his actual innocence, the Governor is also being asked to grant a pardon based upon Freeman's serious health issues. He suffers from a host of debilitating and painful medical conditions and disorders including recent diagnosis of a brain tumor and several rheumatological diseases to include polymyositis (an inflammatory muscle damaging disease) as well as likely Lupus, based on recent labs. The rheumatological diseases have in turn caused countless serious and, in some cases, permanent health problems. Freeman also has mastoiditis (a chronic infection of the temporal bone of the skull), advanced degenerative disk disease of the neck and spine, nerve and joint damage, and arthritic conditions of the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. His botched surgery while in prison severely narrowed Freeman’s colon which requires ongoing daily painful treatments.

"Fred Freeman is a physical train wreck", commented David Sanders of Proving Innocence. "It's ridiculous that taxpayers are footing the bill for his costly medical treatment when he is wholly innocent and should be getting much better care as a free man and paying for it himself".

Freeman does have a habeas appeal now before Senior Judge William O. Bertelsman of the United States District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky, which offers a glimmer of hope that he may be eventually exonerated by the courts. But the MIC and Dickinson Wright decided to file a pardon application knowing that the judicial process can be incredibly slow and uncertain and that the Governor's executive action may be a quicker way to free an innocent man who has already spent 32 years behind bars whose health is rapidly deteriorating.

It is unclear at this time when the Parole Board and the Governor will consider and decide on Freeman's pardon application.

For more information on this case: http://www.provinginnocence.org/cases/temujin-kensu.html

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Proving Innocence's mission is to free innocent men and women wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

Proving Innocence, 535 Griswold St., Suite 111-254, Detroit, MI 48226
313-718-2890 or visit their website: www.provinginnocence.org


The full REQUEST FOR PARDON is can be viewed, click HERE

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